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Hook 'n' Cook Tip
By dkfisher

30 May 2006

Tailor with Almonds
Fish Name (Tailor)

How you store it

Catch, bleed, scale and gut. Place in ice slurry until you get home. Place in fridge until ready to cook.

How you prep it

Wash tailor and pat dry with a towel. Use a rolling pin and press down gently along the backbone flattening out the tailor. Turn the tailor over and cut through the backbone at each end of the fish with a pair of scissors. Lever the backbone out carefully. Remember to check for any remaining bones.

How you cook it

Coat the fish lightly with plain flour. Heat approx. 30g of butter in a large fry pan. Once butter is hot, add fish and cook until golden brown and cooked through. Remove tailor from fry pan and place in a preheated oven covered in foil (just to keep tailor warm while cooking sauce). In the large fry pan, heat remaining 30g of butter, add the 1/4 cup of flaked almonds and stir until the almonds are light golden brown. Add 2 tablesppons of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon chopped parsley and some salt and pepper for taste. Stir until the sauce is heated. Take tailor out of oven and pour over the tailor. Serve hot.

How you serve it

Take warmed tailor out of the oven and pour the hot sauce over the tailor. Serve with side salad and/or vegies.

How it makes your fish As Good As GOLD

You start off with your catch of the day. It is easy to cook after a hard day fishing and can be used with any white fleshed fish. Of course the delicious meal is not complete without a few cold XXXX Golds.

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