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Fishnet's Fish File contains information to help you target Australian salt and fresh water fishes, both native and introduced species.
Scomberoides commersonianus Queenfish Queenfish inhabit offshore and inshore reef areas, shallow bomboras, sand flats,... Polynemus sheridani King Threadfin Salmon Threadfin salmon are predominantly a northern Australian estuarine fish found on...
Arripis trutta/truttaceus Australian Salmon The Australian Salmon inhabits coastline, rocky headlands, offshore, breakwaters... Sphyrna zygaena/lewini Hammerhead Shark The Smooth Hammerhead Shark (Sph. zygaena) is found throughout Australian water...
Each Fish File contains information on habitat, qualities, best bait and typical tackle requirements. You'll also find related content links which lead to the latest Fishnet articles, pictures & fishing reports.
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