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Fishnet's Fish File contains information to help you target Australian salt and fresh water fishes, both native and introduced species.
Nototodarus gouldi Arrow Squid Found in Southern Australian waters from N.S.W. around to Western Australia. Arr... Elops machinata Giant Herring Giant Herring are a tropical species usually found along the coast and in the es...
Megalops cyprinoides Ox-eye Herring Ox-eye Herring or tarpon inhabit the tropical waters of Australia from north N.S... Nelusetta ayraudi Chinaman Leatherjacket Chinaman Leatherjacket are found in the temperate and southern waters of Austral...
Each Fish File contains information on habitat, qualities, best bait and typical tackle requirements. You'll also find related content links which lead to the latest Fishnet articles, pictures & fishing reports.
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