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giant trevally (lowly trevally, gt) [caranx ignobilis]
Caranx ignobilis
Size 1kg - 25kg. can reach 60kg.
Habitat The Giant Trevally is the largest species of trevally frequenting the warmer tropical waters of the northern half of Australia. During summer months the giant trevally can be found in more southern waters of Australia's east and west coasts. They are found near rock corners of reefs, submerged bomboras, coral formations and the narrow tidal formations between tropical islands.
Qualities Extremely strong and powerful fish, hitting lures and baits aggressively.
Record Australian record 54.882kg
Best Bait
bait: Fish flesh, Garfish, Hardiheads, Pilchard, Prawn, Squid
fly: Saltwater Baitfish
lure: Minnow Deep Diving, Jigs, Popper, Slice
Link: 10 - 15kg main line, with a 60cm wire trace.
Rig: Snapper reef rig with a heavy sinker and two droppers, lure rig.
Hints Once hooked fish heads immediately for cover of nearby structure. The long initial first run is difficult to stop. Poppers or surface lures are very effective. Fish have a hard mouth so sharp, strong tackle is essential. Larger fish are loners preferring to fed at night. Note, beware of the tail scutes on this fish as they are very sharp. Gloves are recommended.

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