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spanish mackerel (spaniard, tanguigue, grey mackerel, tiger mackerel, japanese mackerel) [scomberomorus commersoni/semifasciatus]
Scomberomorus commersoni/semifasciatus
Size 5 - 14kg. can reach up to 60kg.
Habitat Narrow-barred (Scom. commersoni) and Broad-barred Spanish Mackerel (Scom. semifasciatus) are a tropical species common to the northern and central waters of Australia. They often venture south along the east and west coast in summer extending their habitat from mid N.S.W. north to Qld., N.T. and mid W.A. Spanish mackerel are a free-roaming oceanic fish usually found schooling over offshore reefs and drop-offs feeding on baitfish. The Broad-barred Spanish mackerel is often encountered inside major bays in the tropics.
Qualities Regarded as one of the best sport and gamefish. Hitting baits hard and providing a tough fight mixed with great agility and speed. It is renowned for its initial fast, long run.
Record Australian record Spanish Mackerel 42.2kg.
Best Bait
bait: Fish flesh, Garfish, Herring, Pilchard, Tailor, Tuna, Yellowtail scad (yakka)
lure: Minnow Deep Diving, Jigs, Popper, Skirted lure, Slice, Spoon
Link: 12 - 30kg. main line with 30cm wire trace.
Hook: No.6/0 -10/0 Mustad Stainless Steel O'Shaughanessy.
Rig: Heavy rig. Suspend whole fish baits rigged with ganged hooks under a balloon. Trolling or spinning gear.
More info: Bimini Twist
Hints Fish have a habit of schooling according to age and size. Typically two main groups are encountered from 5 - 7kg fish or 12 -14kg fish. Larger fish are loners whilst smaller fish form dense schools. Trolling lures, live baits or whole fish baits seems more productive. Try placing a No. 3/0 treble at the bottom of the ganged hooks. Moving baits encourage strikes. Surface skipping whole fish baits produces quality fish. This technique involves suspending bait below a Helium filled balloon and skipping the bait across the water surface with your rod. Sometimes takes dead baits off the bottom. Drift fishing with baits either weighted or unweighted at varying depths helps to find fish. Best fishing at dawn or dusk but will bite throughout the day under heavy cloud cover preferably with rain squalls and during rough weather. First hit is often intended to maim the bait followed by a return strike. The narrow-barred Spanish mackerel is the largest mackerel found in Australian waters.
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