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australian salmon (kahawai) [arripis trutta/truttaceus]
Arripis trutta/truttaceus
Size 1kg - 3.5kg can reach 10kg.
Habitat The Australian Salmon inhabits coastline, rocky headlands, offshore, breakwaters, surf beaches in holes and gutters, large estuaries, bays and harbors of the southern half of the continent. They are are a pelagic fish that travel in schools.
Qualities An excellent fighting fish that runs hard and will jump repeatedly.
Record Australian record 9.4kg.
Best Bait
bait: Beach worm, Blood worm, Blue bait, Fish flesh, Pilchard, Pippi, Poddy mullet, Prawn, Sand worm, White bait
fly: Saltwater Baitfish
lure: Jigs, Slice, Spinnerbait, Spoon
Link: 2 - 8kg main line. 1m of 6 - 10kg monotrace.
Hook: No. 4 - 4/0 Mustad 92554 Beak or Mustad 4202 ganged.
Rig: Whole pilchard on ganged hooks with a light running sinker. Fish baits and fish strips with a heavier sinker. Trolling and lure rig. Fly gear.
More info: Rigs & Baits
Hints Prefer rising tide. Tend to stay in the surf for hours even when the weather is poor. A touchy biter, its bite can be indecisive and its mouth is soft, so sharp hooks and a careful hand are needed to avoid it tearing free.
Usually salmon are betrayed by either by the commotion they cause at the surface as they chase bait fish, or by the concentrations of wheeling and diving birds ever ready to take advantage of an easy meal as bait fish are forced to the surface by the frenzied attack from below.

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