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gummy shark (australian smooth hound, smooth dog-shark, sweet william, flake) [mustelus antarcticus]
Mustelus antarcticus
Size Born at 30 - 35cm and attains 175cm. Mal
Habitat Gummy Shark are found in the temperate waters of southern Australia from say Port Stephens N.S.W. along the south coast across to Geralton in W.A., also found in Tasmania. They live on or near the bottom of the ocean preferring deep offshore waters but occasionally found in shallow areas close to land.
Record Australian record 23.900kg
Best Bait
bait: Crab, Fish flesh, Garfish, Pilchard, Pippi, Squid
Link: 6kg - 10kg
Hook: 1/0 - 5/0
Rig: Patternoster running rig, good for beach, rock or boat fishing.
More info: Rigs & Baits
Hints Often occurs in small schools composed predominantly of one sex and size group. More active at night. Harmless to man. Give birth around December.

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