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snapper [chrysophrys/pagrus auratus]
Chrysophrys/Pagrus auratus
Size 1kg - 10kg. can reach 20kg.
Habitat Snapper frequent southern Australian coastal waters from Queensland around to northern West Australia. They are found around offshore and inshore reefs, estuaries, harbors, bays, off rocks, breakwalls and beaches. Snapper are a bottom dweller and tend to hold and feed over very rough reef and in deep holes.
Qualities The fish tend to run hard and deep when hooked heading for the cover of the reef. In deep water the fish can provide a tough fight. Characteristic double shake of head before each run.
Record Australian record 18.4kg.
Best Bait
bait: Crab, Fish flesh, Garfish, Mussel, Octopus, Pilchard, Pippi, Prawn, Slimy mackerel (blue), Squid, Tuna
Link: 10kg main line.
Hook: 2/0 - 8/0 Mustad 92554 Beak.
Rig: Snapper reef rig with a heavy sinker and two droppers.
Hints Drift over reef and gravel areas. Best times are from first light to sun up early morning with a change in tide and run up to full tide. For strip baits make the bait size equal to about 3 - 5cm hooked at one end. Snapper feed better when a berley is used. Fishing before a full moon is productive.
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