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tailor [pomatomus saltatrix]
Pomatomus saltatrix
Size 500g - 2kg. can reach 15kg.
Habitat Tailor are predominantly an ocean fish found in the southern States of Australia but can be found in estuaries, lakes, bays, around headlands and surf beaches. They are found near live bait populations. Tailor seem to school in areas of great movement particularly entrances to bays and lakes, estuary mouths, wharves, gaps in recalls, rocky headlands and the surf.
Qualities Predatory fish that works in schools. A hard fighter with plenty of stamina and speed. Teeth.
Record Australian record 12.1kg.
Best Bait
bait: Blue bait, Fish flesh, Garfish, Live minnow, Pilchard, Pippi, Poddy mullet, Prawn, Squid, White bait
Other: Lures - metal and feather types, minnow lures, spoons, silver wobblers, poppers and glittery pilchards. Wonder crocodile, Rapala minnows, Silver slices and Bombers all work well.
Link: 3 - 7kg main line with a 70cm 10kg monotrace or wire trace shock absorber.
Hook: 2/0 - 7/0 Mustad 4202 Ganged. 2 or 3 X 2/0 - 4/0 Limerick hooks back to back for lures.
Rig: Trolling lures or whole bait fish on ganged hooks. Running sinker rig. Casting whole bait fish on ganged hooks retrieved at medium speed. If the bottom is rough then use a float. Lure type.
More info: Uni Knot
Hints In the surf tailor are found in holes and gutters at high tide. At low tide when the fish gather and wading is possible try spinning the gutters. Early morning and evening up until dark is best. Tailor prefer a fast moving bait and look for signs of feeding like flocks of gulls and splashing in water. Stop boat near splashing fish and spin to the outside of the school with silver lures. Trolling close inshore waters around inlets, estuaries, headlands and big beaches is productive. Fish should be bled immediately and put on ice. Autumn and early winter they occur in big schools around the southern east and west coasts and there travel north along the shores as winter progresses.
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