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tasmanian trumpeter (striped trumpeter) [latris lineata]
Latris lineata
Size Max length 1.2 metres
Habitat Tasmanian Trumpeter inhabit the offshore reefs off the Victorian, Tasmanian, southern N.S.W. (Montague Island), South Australia and W.A. (off Albany) coasts. Commonly caught by anglers fishing off Flinders Island and the east coast of Tasmania.
Qualities Good table fish.
Record 3.1kg Australian record
Best Bait
bait: Blue bait, Fish flesh, Pilchard, Prawn, Squid
Hook: No. 6/0 - 10/0. Circle hooks.
Rig: Medium gear or handling with a paternoster style rig.
Hints Comes close inshore to reefy areas when spawning. Does not take baits readily and is hard to hook. Found in very deep offshore reefs and on top of underwater pinnacles.

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