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golden trevally [gnathanodon speciosus]
Gnathanodon speciosus
Size Usually 4 - 8kg, up to 35kg.
Habitat Golden Trevally are a common tropical species found in coastal waters of northern Australia, sometimes venturing into southern WA. They are found near reefs and rocky outcrops as well as coastal estuary systems. A schooling fish, often making migratory runs up and down the coast.
Qualities A solid, hard and stubborn fighting fish that takes lures aggressively.
Record Australian record 15kg.
Best Bait
bait: Bonito, Crab, Fish flesh, Garfish, Octopus, Pilchard, Poddy mullet, Prawn, Squid, Yellowtail scad (yakka)
lure: Minnow Deep Diving
Other: 40g+ metal lures, Rapala Husky Jerk, Bombers, Wilson, Toby, Nilsmaster.
Link: 6 - 10kg.
Hook: 3/0 Mustad.
Rig: Snapper reef rig with a heavy sinker. Lure rig.
Hints Fish has a soft mouth allowing easy hook setting. Barbless hooks can be employed. Like most Trevally this fish has a tendency to immediately head for the reef when hooked.

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