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rock flathead (grassy flathead) [leviprora laevigatus]
Leviprora laevigatus
Size Max length 81cm
Habitat Found in the southern parts of Australia amongst coastal reef and weed areas. Has a short snout and obvious brown to green spots along body.
Record Australian record Rock flathead 2.100kg.
Best Bait
bait: Blue bait, Fish flesh, Pilchard, Pippi, Squid, White bait
Link: 3 - 5kg main line with a 1m monofilament leader three times the thickness of the main line as shock absorber
Hook: No. 1 - 4/0 Mustad 540 Viking for live bait.
Rig: Snapper rig with two droppers or running sinker rig. The sinker should be heavy enough to keep the bait on the bottom.
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