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quinnat salmon (chinook salmon, king salmon, spring salmon) [oncorhynchus tshawytscha]
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
Size up to 8.5kg.
Habitat Quinnat Salmon are an introduced species to Australian waters originating from North America. They can be found in rivers, streams and lakes in southeastern waters of Australia from New South Wales to Victroria where they are reliant on stocking programs by fisheries departments.
Qualities A true sportsfish with excellent fighting ability. Once hooked exhibit aerobatics in an attempt to dislodge the hook.
Best Bait
bait: Garden worm, Live minnow, Maggots, Mudeye, Pilchard, Scrub worm, White bait
fly: Freshwater Terrestrial, Freshwater Nymph, Freshwater Wet, Saltwater Baitfish
lure: Minnow Deep Diving, Minnow Shallow Running, Slice, Spinner Blade, Spoon
Link: 3kg main line.
Hook: No.8 - 1/0.
Rig: Light to medium spinning, baitcasting or fly gear.
More info: Uni Knot
Hints Surface trolling is successful with minnow lures. Also bouncing lures along the stream or lake floor on retrieve works well. Occasionally take lures and baits as a reflex action as well as to feed.

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