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barracuda [sphyraena barracuda]
Sphyraena barracuda
Size 1.5 - 10kg. can reach over 30kg.
Habitat Barracuda are a migratory fish that prefers the warmer waters of the tropics although a variety exists off the Victorian and South Australian coast. They can be found along rocky headlands, inshore reefs, wrecks, estuaries, creeks, beaches and jetty pylons with an attraction to weed beds. They prefer areas such as large sand flats, shallow rock, shallow reef or dry sandbanks, with adjacent weed bed areas which they use to bottle up and concentrate baitfish populations. The smaller to medium sized fish form into minor schools whereas the larger fish greater than 15kg. or so are loners.
Qualities Migratory fish with great speed and aggression. They fight cleanly in open waters.
Record Australian record 24.493kg.
Best Bait
bait: Garfish, Hardiheads, Live minnow, Squid
lure: Minnow Deep Diving, Jigs, Popper, Slice, Spoon
Link: 6kg. main line with a wire trace or heavy monotrace.
Hook: No.1 - 3/0 single or ganged chemically sharpened hook.
Rig: Light spinning gear with baitcaster for small fish. Medium
More info: Bimini Twist
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