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black bream (southern black bream) [acanthropagus butcheri]
Acanthropagus butcheri
Size 450g - 3kg.
Habitat The Black Bream is found in more southerly estuarine and inshore coastal waters from southern W.A. across to southern N.S.W. including north and east Tas. This fish is predominantly an estuarine species but occasionally can be found in oceanic waters. Black bream are attracted to structures like wharf plyons, snags, eroded banks and rock walls which offer protection and shelter.
Qualities Scavenger fish that is timid and can be spooked easily. They are sensitive to noise, flashing lights and shadows. Good sport on light lines and when hooked behave erratically usually dashing and darting about in short bursts. If cover is close by such as a reef or pier pylons then bream will dive amongst this cover when hooked.
Record Aust record: 3.45kg
Best Bait
bait: Bass Yabbies (nippers), Chicken, Freshwater yabbies, Garden worm, Mussel, Poddy mullet, Prawn, Sand worm, Shrimp
lure: Minnow, Minnow Rattler, Minnow Neutral Bouyant, Soft Plastics
Link: 2 - 6kg main line with a 40cm trace.
Hook: No.4 - 1/0 Mustad 540 Viking, No.4,6 or 8 Longshank for nippers, prawn and worm baits.
Rig: Light rig with lightest ball running sinker as possible.
Hints Bream feed together in schools at depths usually from 2 to 6m. Dawn, dusk and night fishing for bream provides the best results. Look for bream in snags full of barnacles and place your bait right up against it, do not cast away from wharves and rock ledges but rather in to them. Lighted night areas usually attract bream but be careful not to scare the fish. Bream respond well to berley in the form of prawn heads, chicken pellets, cheese, little bread, cut pilchards or small fish frames like tuna. Berley only when ready to fish as bream tend to feed only for a short time then move on. Early morning on an overcast day suits berleying as the fish tend to hold for feeding longer. Use only a slow berley trickle. Bait size should be small with the hook buried inside. Entrances to estuaries find bream hiding in deep holes and channels during low tide but can be caught on flats at high tide or at night. Night fishing for bream during the times of prawn runs is excellent using a shelled prawn as bait.
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