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spangled emperor (yellow sweetlip, northwest snapper) [lethrinus nebulosus]
Lethrinus nebulosus
Size 2 - 6kg. can reach up to 10kg.
Habitat Spangled Emperor inhabit the northern waters of Australia from northern N.S.W. in the east around to southern W.A. They are found in shallow reefy areas with a preference for loose rocky, gravel or broken coral bottom.
Qualities A fair and powerful fighter, constantly diving to take shelter amongst the reef.
Record Australian record 7.310kg.
Best Bait
bait: Crab, Fish flesh, Hardiheads, Molluscs, Prawn, Squid
lure: Jigs
Link: 8 - 20kg. main line.
Hook: No. 1/0 - 4/0.
Rig: Medium to heavy gear or hand line. Paternoster rig with two droppers above a snapper reef sinker for bottom fishing.
Hints On rising tide large groups of fish will move across the reef
flats and through sandy bottomed channels to feed on the reef. Anchor boat close by a narrow sandy bottomed break in the reef rim. At the making tide the fish must move through this break and is fished with floating bait. At high tide anchor up over the coral sand of a shallow lagoon inside the reef and cast with fish baits as close as possible to the submerged coral outcrops. Night fishing is best. Jigs worked near the bottom are productive at times.

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