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western port & eastern ppb with paul worsteling
Paul Worsteling
Dated: 4 April, 2003
Some excellent reports in this weekend, with Westernport doing its best to provide anglers with a mixed bag.


Wayne Gwynne and friends fished the Tarwin landbased this week. They had what can only be described as an “amazing” session with an incredible 120 Estuary Perch caught and released. Although fish were mostly around the 30cm size the boys still had a ball, using Atomic soft plastics and Powerbait soft plastics on the ebb tide.


Customers report Australian Salmon to 2kg and perch to a kilo. Lures are working best here. Try your reliable Lazer.

Mahers landing has also seen Elephant Fish move in taking pippis and pilchards.


Colin Guillmartin of Kilcunda Caravan Park reports plenty of salmon when berleying on the incoming tide. Most fish are around 500g with the odd one just over a kilo. Whitebait and pippi have been best baits. People fishing offshore have reported larger salmon spread from east of the Inverloch entrance to south of the Nobbies. David Lowe took and excellent bag of salmon to 2kg of Mabilia Hill Rocks with some pinkies to 800g.


Colin also reports that whiting are still around on the flood tide in the Eastern entrance. Berley is essential and the fish have been smaller this week. The Narrows has seen schools of good size salmon on the flood tide with the Silver Trevally turning up on the very last of the ebb. There is still Southern Sea Garfish in the Newhaven channel and Dickies Bay.


Customer Ian Bryant landed a beautiful 7.5kg Snapper earlier this week in 12m of water out from Corinella. There is still plenty of elephants here and right throughout the elephant triangle with fish reaching the 5.5kg mark. There are also some pinkies and the odd Mulloway mixed in taking pilchards and saouries.


An 8ft Thresher Shark was momentarily hooked before its dramatic release this week. The shark wasted no time in performing some acrobatics before dislodging the hook. Hammerhead Shark have also been reported to be landed in this area and right up to Lysaughts.


Jason Shields reports Gummy Shark up to 6.4kg in this area. Best baits have been scad and stripey.


This region has also seen an influx of soapie Mulloway. The fish have been taking pilchards and poddy mullet. There is also Silver Trevally in the area.


Don and Angie fished the inlet this week with good results. They managed 15 King George Whiting to 40cm and also added to there bag with a good mix of flatties and Silver Trevally. The happy couple found pippi was the dynamite bait.


When the weather is good, so are the reports. Plenty of customers reporting hookups of the 12 mile with Gerald Zammit landing a nice Black Marlin of 103kg after trolling a live bait around all day!

Yours in Fishing
(Paul will be back next week).
Paul Worsteling Fishnet Pro Angler

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