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geelong & corio bay with geoff wilson
Geoff Wilson
Dated: 20 September, 2004
Joey Oliver (4 years) with a sample of his flathead catch at the weekend
Snapper anglers are doing it tough on Corio Bay at present but an occasional good fish makes somebody’s day.

Justin Burns of the Barwon Region Sportfishing Club reports that fellow club member Ian Voss took one of 3kg just after 6pm on Saturday. That’s the only confirmed Snapper report from Corio Bay over the weekend.

With King George Whiting beginning to make an appearance, Jeff Richards and Chris Hately spent several hours over the weekend fishing the afternoon flood tide off St Leonards.

They took fish to around 34cm almost straight out from the St Leonard’s boat ramp using squid for bait, and judging by the number of other boats out there, the arrival of the whiting was no secret.

After fishing most of Saturday taking just a few squid, Danny Tortul of the Greenvale Angling Club arrived back at Queenscliff ramp to discover there had been some good catches of whiting made in front of the Cottage by the Sea.

Armed with this information, Danny was on location soon after lunch on Sunday to catch the flood tide, but alas, while anglers in boats either side caught some very nice fish, including a double header or two, he had nary a bite; such is the unpredictable nature of fishing.

Fishing in around 9 metres of water off Portarlington on Sunday was Ken Oliver and son, Joey (4 yrs), who returned with a feed of flathead. Naturally, young Joey caught the most, and the biggest, but he did have a good coach.

Fishing the rising tide from the Barwon Heads bridge on Sunday afternoon was James Turner of the Geelong and District Angling Club.

James says that although the water was very discoloured, he had plenty of bites, and his catch of eighteen fish – most of which he released – consisted of Australian Salmon and mullet. James used pipis and glassies for bait.

Doug Lucas of Colac reports fishing Lake Purrumbete with friend Bob Casper on Thursday where they found themselves continually releasing small Quinnat Salmon, over forty as it turned out.

Their patience was eventually rewarded though when Doug caught a chinook salmon that weighed 3.1 kg. It was taken – along with the smaller fish – on a saltwater glassie suspended just above the bottom in 31 metres of water, just out from the no-boating zone off Hoses Rocks.

Doug also fished the Hopkins River at Warrnambool with Des Donovan last week where they found the water fresh and discoloured from recent heavy rain. Never the less, they managed to catch Black Bream to 33cm using shrimp for bait.

Doug mentions that the fresh water coming down the river will very likely kill off the worms and clams on the shallow banks inside the mouth, and event that will threaten local bait supplies for some time.

Doug also mentions that on Sunday evening, Neil O’Bourne of Colac took a Snapper of 3.12kg while fishing from the rocks just east of Lorne using a pilchard for bait. Neil’s catch also included several salmon to about a kilogram, but mentions losing another Snapper of about the same size as the one he caught.
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