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lake jindabyne with steve williamson
Steve Williamson
Dated: 12 October, 2005

Over the last week the fishing has been very good with most anglers managing a few fish each session. Mornings were better than afternoons and the earlier you get out on the water the better.

Boat anglers are still managing to troll up some very big Atlantic Salmon, with the salmon taking a variety of lures at a variety of depths. Bait anglers are also finding that the best fishing has been early in the day. Fly anglers had a hard time last week with so many windy days but again fly fishing was good if you fished early before the wind came up. There is still a little polaroiding left if you fly fish the sheltered bays with good weed beds. The Thredbo river has again been running a little fast and dirty but the water should clear in time for the weekend, and I would expect some good size fish to be caught over the next few weeks as the Rainbow Trout spawning run is a little later this year due to the good rainfalls we have been experiencing.

Smaller streams like the Mowambah River, are a little high and also dirty at the moment and not fishing all that well.
The level at the moment is about 65%. The water temperature is still a low 10 to 12 degrees celcius.

Let’s have a look at the fishing conditions for the next week.


Minnow lures have still been catching the bigger more aggressive fish at the moment but Tasmanian Devils are going great guns with the smaller rainbows. The ‘Rapala’ Brown Trout pattern and the jointed ‘Rebel’ in black and gold are fantastic. A Brown Trout pattern ‘Legend’ lure is also worth a try very early in the morning before the sun comes up and then switch over to a Tassie Devil in either number 48 or Holographic patterns. If you have a downrigger or lead core line, leave the minnow on and troll down between 10 to 20 feet.

The new Phosphorus Pearl Tasmanian Devil lure is still best on the overcast days but gold and yellow lures like the Tasmanian Devil number 36 is better on the sunnier days. Fish this lure over the weed beds for bigger Brown Trout.
‘Sid’s Bay’, ‘Rushes Bay’, and ‘Rainbow Beach’ on lake Jindabyne are probably best at the moment but there are still a few fish caught at the ‘Waist Point’ area. ‘Hayshed and Hatchery Bays’ might also be worth a look.

Worms and ‘Powerbait’ are still working best at the moment, and you just need to put time in to get fish. Some anglers have also been doing well on ‘Mudeyes’ however there are limited supplies in the area.

Fish before the sun rises over the mountains for the best results, you can be out there on the water as early as 4.30 am at the moment and there is plenty of light in the sky at 5am. The southern end of the lake has been good with the township end near the ‘Claypits’ being well worth a try. Make sure you don’t cast out too far as the fish are cruising in close.

Lemon or lime Powerbait is the best at the moment and you can always dip your live worms in the Powerbait Garlic Dip to help attract the trout. Worms off the bottom and an artificial bait dropper, like ‘Powerbait’ has continued to catch some excellent Brown Trout and this method is the favored one if fishing the middle of the day.

‘Hatchery Bay, ‘Hayshed Bay’, ‘Stinky Bay’ and ‘the Claypits’ have started to fish better. East Jindabyne is also fishing well from the bank.

Spinning on the lake has still been very good over the past week and I have even seen fish caught near the base of Snowline Holiday Park while I have been putting my boat away. These fish were caught on a number 39 Harlequin Tasmanian Devil.

‘Spinners’ like the ‘Gillies Spina’ or ‘Celtas’ are still working well in the shallows but minnow lures in pink. Black, brown or Rainbow Trout patterns are taking the bigger more aggressive fish especially when fished after dark.
The best ‘Tasmanian Devil’ lures have been those numbers 36, 28, 89, and 48. Some of the better areas have been ‘Hatchery bay’, ‘Creel Bay’, ‘Curiosity Point’, East Jindabyne (at the water pumping station) and ‘The Haven’ (Stinky bay).

On the Thredbo River, spinners can still catch fish using ‘glowbug’ and ‘nymph’ combinations with a little split shot to hold the flies down near the bottom. Fish this rig in faster running water for the best results.

Best lures have been small diving minnows, with Rapala perch pattern being quite good. Other minnows worth trying are ‘Producers’ Rainbow Trout pattern ‘Lightning Minnow’, or try a ‘Merlin’ or ‘Min Min’ lure in Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout patterns. In the slower water try a ‘Celta’ in red patterns.

Fly Fishing
Last week the Thredbo river’s water level rose again with rain in the mountains, however the level has now dropped enough for fly anglers to fish. Black, brown bead head nymphs teamed up with ‘glowbugs’ have caught most of the fish. As reported earlier, the streams are still flowing too hard and the water is still very cold, so there is not a lot of action to be had just yet.

Sight fishing on the lake has still been good over the last week, but we have had a few windy days which have made casting a little difficult. The best flies on the lake will be green/olive nymphs during the day and streamer patterns like ‘matukas’, ‘Mrs Simpson, and ‘Woolley Bugger’ fished at night.


The Snowy Mountains Trout Festival starts in only a few weeks, being from 29th October to 4th November. More info is available at or call 02 64525538. Jindabyne weigh in station Snowline Holiday Park has a great deal on accommodation. Call 1800 248 148 to make a booking.

The ‘Snowy Mountains Celebrity Trout Challenge’ starts on Friday 11th November. This boat based ONLY competition looks like being a fantastic event once again. Contact Daniel Scully on 02 99661855 or for more information and registration.

My next fly fishing weekend course for beginners will be the 19th and 20th November. Numbers are limited.
The ‘boat trolling’ course in October still has one vacancy and there are a few positions left for November.
The dates for these courses are 22nd and 23rd October and the 26th and 27th November.

For more information on these courses, please call 02 64561551 or e-mail me on with your postal address.

For the latest in fishing conditions, please phone the shop on (02) 64561551 or call in and pick up a copy of the latest report.

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