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geelong, corio bay & beyond with geoff wilson
Geoff Wilson
Dated: 7 December, 2009
Tim McNaughton and Brad Andrews with their 3.2 metre blue shark.

On Sunday, Mark Fowkes, Tim McNaughton and Brad Andrews made an early start in 70 metres of water off Barwon Heads where they caught a variety of fish including flathead, Barracouta and Gummy Shark. However, a good size blue shark that showed up early on refused to take a bait.

The fussy blue became a fixture in their berley trail and around the boat all morning until it finally took the half Barracouta on offer at about 1 pm. The shark was caught, measured at 3.2 metres and weighed at 129 kg.

An aside to their memorable day on the water was the discovery that a 14 kg Gummy Shark they’d caught, had consumed two dogfish (spurdogs) dorsal spines and all. Who would have thought anything would eat those?

Brad Andrews with a school shark taken offshore from Barwon Heads.

Bellarine Peninsula
On Thursday morning, from about 10.00 am, Daniel Skene and Rod Butcher anchored in 18 metres of water off Indented Head and waited for a Snapper.

Not for long as it turned out, for they soon caught their combined bag limit of six Snapper to 7.5 kg and released a good many others.

On Saturday, Daniel headed out again, this time with Simon Olsen and Paul Raduka for a repeat performance, and with Snapper taking unweighted pilchards in the berley after only a few seconds, they took bag limit catches and released others.

Another trip found them in the same spot; but while the Snapper were onto their baits immediately, they boated no fish at all because seals had moved in and took every fish they hooked. Unable to find Snapper elsewhere they went back in.

Barwon River
On Saturday, Morgan Bernhard and his friend David Thompson visited Seagull Paddock where they caught fifty or so minnow from Cowies Creek. With an ample supply of bait, they headed off to fish the Barwon River at Barwon Valley Park, Belmont.

As you would expect on a weekend, the river was awash with wake boarders and rowers, but that didn't upset the fish. Over a period of three hours, during which all of their minnow were used up, they caught twenty or so redfin ( English Perch), including four that weighed better than a kilogram and of which Morgan sent in a photo.

Bill Athanasslies of “Live Now! Fish to the Max” with a 7.8 kg snapper that he caught on a freshly caught garfish while fishing offshore from Rickets Point during the night last week.

Last Tuesday, Justin Burns, along with daughter Aisha 6, fished the Barwon River at Queens Park. Using corn kernels for bait on one rod they caught two European Carp, the biggest 4 kg, and a 4.5 kg mirror carp.

Lure casting with a 3 # Berkley Powerbait shad in the watermelon pearl colouration on the other rod they added seven redfin to their tally.

Lake Purrumbete
On Sunday, from 6.00 till 10.00 am, Paul Mayer and John Didge fished Lake Purrumbete from John’s boat and caught several Rainbow Trout, the biggest 1.5 kg.

These were all taken on 3# Berkley Gulp minnow grubs in the pumpkinseed colouration. Also included in their catch were several redfin that were caught on a Rapala CD5.

Down Portland way, Bob McPherson reports taking the opportunity to fly over a huge patch of krill off Cape Bridgewater recently where sightings of blue whales had been made. However, to count 21 colossal adult blue whales, and several much smaller humpback whales, in a comparatively small area was a surprise.

Bob mentions that fishing has been good off Portland of late with a wide variety of fish coming in from 60 metres of water offshore. These have included gummy and School Shark, Snapper and Blue Morwong.

Inside the harbour, Tommy Rough, slimy mackerel and Silver Trevally are plentiful and have been caught in good numbers from boats and structures within the harbour.

Yellowtail Kingfish have turned up along Portland’s north shore and among the successful anglers over the weekend was Trevor McKie who caught one of 9.2 kg on a squid fished under a balloon.

One of the adult blue whales feeding on Krill off Cape Bridgewater, Portland.

Bob mentions that Snapper are still being taken from the Lee Breakwater and that among those do catch them was Dale Kennett who caught one of 7.25 kg there on Thursday.

Peter asks:

Geoff I heard that Laker’s cutting is a good spot to fish. I was just wondering if you could tell me where it is?

Peter, Lakers cutting may be reached by taking the Bellarine Hwy as far as Fellows Road, which is just after the Queenscliff-Portarlington Road turn-off.

Turn left at Fellows Road and you will come to the head of Laker’s shellgrit cutting just past the railway line. You can fish at the big drain which runs under the road or you can walk further down toward Swan Bay to fish.

To access the lower half of Laker's Cutting, you will have to continue down Fellows Road and follow it around to the right where it becomes McDonald Road. Parking your car at the end, you can walk down through the swamp to the water's edge, and this seems to be where most fish are caught.
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