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geelong & corio bay with geoff wilson
Geoff Wilson
Dated: 18 October, 2010
Jeff Bice with a good sample from his trip to Lake Bullen Merri.

Bellarine peninsula
Early last Tuesday morning, Paul Mayer took a run down to Queenscliff where, fishing from the wharves within the Queenscliff harbour, he caught several Silver Trevally to 40 cm. As is often the case, Paul hooked some larger specimens that escaped through one means or another.

All of Paul’s fish, on this occasion, were taken on 2” Atomic Fat Grubs in the gold colouration.

Western District
Last Thursday. Doug Lucas and his friend Des Donovan headed down to Yambuk Lake to the west of Port Fairy with a supply of local shrimp, hoping for a good catch of bream.

Not in vain either as it turned out, for they both took bag limit catches including a beauty of 1.85 kg. These were all taken from the Eumeralla River just downstream from the boat ramp above the lake.

Doug also reports that Peter Jones fished Lake Purrumbete at Camperdown last Tuesday, slow trolling mudeye behind a Ford fender fish attractor for a catch of three Brown Trout, all around the 1.8 kg mark.

Bullen Merri
Jeff Bice reports fishing Lake Bullen Merri on two occasions last week where he finished up with a dozen trout, three of them browns over 2 kg, the biggest weighing 2.75 kg. All were caught trolling with Tassie Devils either on the surface, or down a bit deeper on lead-cored line.

Anglers fishing the banks of Lake Bullen Merri have been successful on Rainbow Trout to a kilogram or so, most being caught on Berkely Powerbait, while those persistently casting and retrieving lures from the bank have picked up the occasional good size Brown Trout as well.

Shane Cromie with yet another Porbeagle taken off Portland.

On October 7 last, we reported the capture of an 84 kg female porbeagle from 1000 metres of water off Portland by Port Fairy angler Shane Cromie who was fishing a large squid on two hooks with a break-away weight some 600 metres down.

Last Wednesday, Shane caught another porbeagle, this time a slim male weighing 54 kg that took the belly flap of a bluefin tuna that Shane had carefully shaped and painstakingly sewn onto the hook and trace.

Shane, who is undoubtedly pioneering an unsuspected fishery out here, says this approach is not without problems, one of them being a healthy population of gemfish that attack his baits, become hooked, and detach the break-away weight.

While some might appreciate the capture of these top eating fish weighing up to 5.5 kg, they are proving an unwanted distraction in Shane’s pursuit of the larger fish like porbeagle and broadbill known to patrol at these depths.

Porbeagles are a deep water relative of the mako shark. Unlike the mako however, they are rarely encountered near the surface and are silver grey or bronze in colour contrasting with the usually vivid blue of the mako.

Apart from the difference in colour, Porbeagles have a second caudal keel, which along with the white trailing edge at the base of the dorsal fin, make for positive identification and easy separation from the mako.

Game fishing night
Tomorrow night, at Mario’s Fresh Bait 11 Noel Road Moolap, noted game fisherman and lure designer Peter Pakula, along with John Bretza of Okuma, are giving a presentation on the fundamentals of game fishing.

The presentation begins at 7.00 pm, but you must ring to make a booking on 03 5248 5201.

Junior fishing comp
On Sunday, the Association of Geelong & District Angling Clubs is hosting the Ron Nelson Memorial Junior Fishing Clinic at Seagull Paddock, North Geelong.

Anglers are restricted to using one rod each and must supply their own bait. Entry is free but you must register. Registrations will be taken from 9.00 am on the day. For more information, ring either Ian Pickering on 5266 1008 or John Hotchin on 5248 6817.

Tim asks:
Geoff I’ve been fishing from Portarlington to Clifton Springs and even St Leonards with no luck on the Snapper, what do you suggest?

Tim, although Snapper have been taken from the Corio Bay inner harbour Corio Bay inner harbour, and just outside over the past few weeks, as yet I have had no reports from any of the areas you mention. I guess it’s just a matter of patiently waiting until they turn up around the Bellarine Peninsula, which shouldn’t be long.

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