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spring...barramundi! with lake monduran holiday park
Lake Monduran Holiday Park
Dated: 4 October, 2011
Lake Monduran Barramundi

Now that spring is upon us we are now seeing the water temperature on the rise, this means the Barramundi will start to get active and soon feeding patterns will be more predictable. The Barra will school up around points, shallow bays and ridgelines throughout the lake. These Barra will sit amongst weed beds and along weed edges waiting for your bait to be presented. When approaching barramundi in this situation you must be as stealth like as possible, the last thing you want to do is spook the Barra as you will put them off the bite. The lures to use in the shallow bays and around the weed beds and points are the Berkley Hollowbelly soft plastics set up with weedless hooks and in the hardbody range the Halco Hamma suspending lure.

The key to fishing for Barra over the next couple of months is stealth, persistence and confidence. These are the main factors that will give you the best chance possible of landing that fish of a lifetime.

Over the previous couple of months there have been some great bass caught with the biggest measuring in at a huge 65 centimetres. This bass was caught on a tackle tactics switchblade in the purple bruiser colour. Not only are the bass from Monduran an awesome fighting fish but they are also very good on the dinner plate.

Lake Monduran has never been known for its Redclaw numbers until now. Over the previous few months we have seen the Redclaw numbers increase with some traps having 10 or 12 good size redclaw in them, so if you like a feed of Redclaw make sure you set your yabbie traps around the weed beds before you go out on your fishing trip. Hopefully when you come back you will have a nice little entrée waiting for you. Please don’t hesitate to speak with any of our helpful staff on any information regarding your fishing holiday.

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