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mornington peninsula visual reports and updates with charlie micallef
Charlie Micallef
Dated: 9 February, 2012
Mornington Peninsula Visual Reports and Updates
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Warning use caution when fishing in this area as pressure waves are very common ( Photo C Micallef )

Hi and welcome to another year. Christmas has come and gone for 2011 and now we launch into 2012. I have decided to try something different; following on from ‘Looking Ahead’, I will now have regular updates on my column. This is great, particularly for the weekend fishermen who need to know where to fish and dive and the times the fish are feeding, with up to date information. It will also be great for many clubs conducting their competitions, or promoting their venues, as they now have a way to let people know the latest on their event. Rather than focusing on what has happened, my column now will focus on what is going to happen. Every Thursday night it will be updated with a forecast for the weekend including ‘Looking Ahead’ and weather forecasts.
This is something new again for myself and for Fishnet, I hope you enjoy and support it.

Reports and Summary

It's all about the wind, wind and more wind! Talk to any who has spent time on the water over the last few months and it's the same story with south easterly winds. This is very frustrating particularly when you have local businesses on the Mornington Peninsula who make most of their income over this holiday period. One would hope that February, March, April and May will have better wind conditions.
There certainly hasn't been a shortage of fish species, water temperature is now at its highest with 22° to 24° quite common, particularly in the shallow waters of our beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Rye (RIP)

Charlie Micallef and Jay Furniss from Savage Seas Adventures started fishing for Kingfish in the southern end of Port Phillip Bay a few years back, only to catch a few Rat Kingfish. Well persistence pays off, the boys managed to catch a good-sized Kingfish in 2012 using a combination of techniques including live Squid and the Kingfish took a Popper.

The beautiful clear waters of the RIP ( Photo C Micallef )



These guys can be caught on all of our piers if you have no boat and also in the deep waters on the Snapper grounds not that difficult to find and catch.


Rock Flathead, Sand Flathead and Blue Spot Flathead are all in good numbers. We have been experimenting with new plastics that have been soaked in garlic and will feature in our next visual report. Remember to try shallow water and try fishing for them on our highest tide of the day.


from now till the end of May I focus on getting my biggest Snapper for the season definitely for a squeak seems to work the best on these guys between 17 and 23 m of water on the eastern side side of the bay is where I fish

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Jay Furniss and the RIP Kingfish ( Photo C Micallef )

Charlie Micallef Marine Media.

Charlie Micallef marine media, in this edition I fish with my long-time friend Jay Furniss, Jay and I started to fish for the species exactly 12 months ago talking about the mighty Yellowtail Kingfish in the RIP and in February 2012 in managed to catch a kingfish. When fishing in this area please use caution as it can be very dangerous
don't forget you can click on to my video library for all my past visual reports
Next visual report we take a close look at our Mornington Peninsula flathead

Until next time,

Safe Fishing and Free Diving.

Charlie Micallef

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From 10 m to 70 m it really is an incredible piece of water wonder what else is swimming under the boat ( Photo C Micallef )

‘Savage Seas Adventures’ - Winner of the Martha Cove Fishing Challenge

All enquiries on: 0415242902

Snapper are still being caught on the Mornington Peninsula (Photo C Micallef)
Savage Seas Adventures Fishing Guide enquiries at or (03) 9435 4314

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