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canberra, south coast & snowy mtns with rob paxevanos
Rob Paxevanos
Dated: 19 March, 2012
Craig Coughlan with a fine south coast Australian Salmon.

Rob's weekly fishing southern NSW report 0692 written for the week of Wednesday 14/3/2012

This week Craig Coughlan is filling in for Rob Paxevanos and has some good fishing to report on:

Recent heavy rain has caused flooding to some extent in many of the NSW south coast estuaries and has brought a significant change to where i am finding the majority of fish.

The Clyde river in particular received a large amount of freshwater coming in over shallow crossing which has pushed a lot of the fish population downstream towards Batemans Bay.

Fishing the incoming tide has been the most productive while the cleaner salt water pushes into the system and the best bite has been happening as the tide nears the peak of the high.

The usual baits are still working, prawns, nippers or oily fish fillets like Striped Tuna, and of course live poddy mullet are working well for big flathead. A burley trail will go a long way towards finding more and better fish in the current water conditions.

Lure fishing in the lower reaches of the river has also been productive despite the discoloured water, slowing the retrieve down will help the fish find your lure especially when fishing with scented soft plastic lures in deeper water, Bream, Flathead and whiting are readily taking lures, as well as Estuary Perch which i have found as far down stream as Chinamens Point taking topwater, shallow diving hardbody and soft plastic lures.

Beaches: Many of the south coast beaches have been productive in recent weeks with good numbers of salmon, Tailor and bream taking baits and lures.

My best sessions have been at South Durras, Rosedale and Bengello beach at Moruya’s north head fishing 2 hours before and after high tide, and if you get the high tide at dawn or dusk the fishing has been that little bit better again.

Finding deep gutters in the surf beaches is a must, and are easily found by standing in an elevated position on sand dunes or a nearby headland and looking for the darker patches which indicates deep water or look for areas where the water is slightly calmer than its surrounds.

These deep gutters hold the larger concentrations of fish and fishing baits or casting lures in these areas will double your chance of a good days fishing.

Salmon have made up a majority of my captures in the surf, with fish to 2kg common, taking baits such as pilchards, tuna strips, and mullet or metal slice lures in the 20-30 gram sizes.

A greater number of salmon have come on lures over the last few days, the minimal gear needed has allowed me to walk up and down the beaches fishing each gutter covering a bigger area to find the schools of bigger fish.

Rock fishing: Snapper have been my main target while fishing from the rocks this month, and while it is a little earlier in the year to when i usually target Snapper a few have started to show up, most being in the 1kg size, with the odd one up to 2kg using fresh squid as bait.

Snapper fishing will improve over the coming months and right into winter as they follow the cuttlefish that come in close to breed.

Fresh Squid is a favourite for Snapper and stays on the hook much better than a lot of baits which will give your bait more time in the water when the small pickers are around increasing your chances of better fish.

When the Snapper are quiet, casting soft plastic or metal slice lures into the wash for salmon or Tailor is a good way to fill in time and provide good sport on light gear.

Drummer, or Rock Blackfish as they are also known, are a worthwhile target from the rocks as well. Using cunjevoi, cabbage weed, cooked prawns or bread as bait on a small number 6 size hook with a small running ball sinker, or rigged under a float has been working well in the wash. Drummer fight very hard so your gear has to be equal to the task, i prefer to fish with 20lb braid for extra sensitivity with a long 20lb fluorocarbon leader which usually does the trick.

Rock fishing can be a very dangerous sport so please treat safety as your number one priority when fishing from the rocks.

Craig Coughlan

Rob Paxevanos Fishnet Pro Angler

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