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geelong, corio bay & beyond with geoff wilson
Geoff Wilson
Dated: 26 March, 2012
Bill Athanasslies with the bronzie that bit him on the leg.

Black Rock bronzie
Taking advantage of last Tuesday’s northerly breeze. Bill Athanasslies put a Frigate Mackerel out from the old Black Rocks outfall under a balloon. Around 5.30 pm, his reel growled off heralding the capture of a 25 kg Bronze Whaler that took umbrage at being captured by biting Bill on the leg.

At first we marvelled at the precise, semi-circular bite from the leg of Bill’s shorts which was still in the shark’s mouth; but then there was the blood. A dressing of antiseptic wipes and gaffa tape had Bill fixed up but there were no more sharks that day.

Bill with the clearly defined , semi-circular bite out of his shorts and which also caught him on the leg.

Bellarine peninsula
Making a mid day start off Indented Head on Sunday, Jeff Richards and his neighbour Bill Pilipasides, were soon onto a good patch of squid and in an hour and a half they were just shy of their bag limit catch which included two cuttlefish.

With time to spare, they trolled Rapala X Raps out toward the Prince George Light Pile where they caught several good size Snook and the largest aero squid Jeff said he’s ever seen.

With plenty of daylight left, they took a run down to St Leonards and fished for whiting in 5 metres of water off the Yacht Club where they took bag limit catches to 38 cm using cuttlefish for bait.

Early last week, Simon Werner – along with his son Jayden 14 – headed out off Indented Head into 21 metres where banjos sharks were a nuisance. The saving grace was that they also caught two Snapper of 5.5 and 7 kg.

Rod Ludlow of Beachlea boat hire at Indented Head reports that he was grateful for the good weather at the weekend: The downside was being kept busy cleaning flathead which were far and away the main catch, both from deep and shallow water.

Last Wednesday evening after work, Danny Skene, his brother Shane, and friend Carlos Eagle, headed out into 45 metres of water off Barwon Heads where they caught Snapper last week, in somewhat less than comfortable conditions. However, the Snapper were still there and they caught several to 6 kg up until they left at around 8.00 pm.

Corio Bay
On Sunday morning, Daniel Stranger – along with Darcy Fromholtz 13, Baxter Carruthers 7, and Troy Gundry – fished the west side of the Wilson Spit where undersize pinkies were the main catch. However, they kept 19 fish from 33 to 40 cm.

Jimmy Robinson with a 1.62 kg redfin from Lake Elingamite (Photo Steven Young)

Fishing Lake Elingamite near Cobden at the Weekend, Jim Robinson and Steve Young caught some nice fish including redfin to 1.62 kg and Rainbow Trout to 2.74 kg.The were taken on Ecogear lures and the Pegron Tiger spoon which has long been a freshwater favourite.

Unfortunately the water levels are presnetly low in Elingamite and launching and retreiving boats in excess of 4 metres proved to be quite a hassle for some folk, especially now that the rope has gone missing. Never the less most fishing on the lake took respectable catches of trout and some nice redfin as well. However, with more warm weather prediced, access to this water for boats exceding 4 metres is not likely improve in the near future.

Last Tuesday Doug Lucas visited Lake Tooliorook near Lismore with a good supply of garden worms. Further augmenting his bait supply with numerous minnow, which he caught in a small bait net near the boat ramp before dawn, he headed out onto the lake for redfin.

The reddies were plentiful and Doug caught any amount from about 650 grams to 1.2 kg, while an angler nearby caught two large Rainbow Trout.

Back on shore, Doug met the trout captor who accepted his offer to put them on the scales for a verdict of 4.3 kg each .

Speaking of trout, Doug loaned his Rebel, broken-back minnow-type lure to Peter Elliot who expressed a desire to try the Gellibrand River above Princetown in the hope of a sea-run Brown Trout.

As it turned out, Peter returned with two beautiful browns of 3.98 and 2.78 kg that he caught upstream from the footy ground at Princetown; and most important of all, returned Doug’s irreplaceable lure.

Jack Hose and Jack Oliver with a sample of the tuna they caught at Portland over the weekend (Photo Bob McPherson).

Down Portland way, Bob McPherson – along with Jack Hose and Jack Oliver – headed out in 700 metres of water at the weekend where they caught five bluefin tuna, each around the 20 kg mark.

Mark asks:
Geoff, I was fishing Spring Creek, Torquay with my boys but couldn’t keep a bait on for small fish that stripped the hook in seconds. Can you tell me what they would be? And, we saw a fish of about 1.5 kg with a round body leap from the water. What would that have been?

Mark. I would say that the small fish taking your bait would probably be juvenile bream. I can't think of what else they could be.

The larger fish you saw jumping was almost certainly a Sea Mullet. There are quite a few in there.

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