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geelong, corio bay & beyond with geoff wilson
Geoff Wilson
Dated: 22 June, 2013
Kassidy and Jayden Werner with their snapper catch.

Snapper have been an item offshore from Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads of late. Among those to catch them over the weekend were Simon Werner and his fifteen year old twins Kassidy and Jayden who took two fish of 70 and 75 cm out in 40 metres of water off Barwon Heads.

Their fishing adventure included two strikes in quick succession that resulted in the capture of a single Snapper that took two baits on separate lines, one of pilchard, the other a silver whiting.

Craig Mensforth was also out off Ocean Grove on Saturday with little doing for most of the time, but as he was about to call it quits, he hooked a Gummy Shark that eventually greeted the scales for a verdict of 20 kg.

Bellarine Peninsula
Rod Ludlow of Beachlea boat hire at Indented Head reports that flathead were the saving grace over the weekend with some respectable catches of fish to 40 cm or so being taken on the drift along the edge of the Prince George Bank.

Squid have been quiet, said Rod, but Jeff Richards and Chris Hately managed a good catch of these succulent cephalopods off St Leonards on Sunday.

Spending the weekend at Lake Toolondo near Horsham with clients and friends, Trevor Holmes of Victorian Inland Charters managed to catch Brown Trout to 2.1 kilograms.

He and Rod Rees caught the biggest brown, along with a single Rainbow Trout, from the bank on Saturday morning.

Trolling on the lake with Tassie Devils was also successful with client Jake Leach taking four Brown Trout to 1.9 kg.

Werribee River

Daniel Abbott of the Werribee Angling Club was among members who fished in competition on the river on Sunday.

At first it wasn’t looking at all promising with very few fish being taken throughout the morning. However, bream came on in the afternoon, the heaviest of which was caught by Jeff Bice at 1.09 kg.

Also fishing the estuary, between the moored boats and the entrance, was Glenn Chamberlain who was about to bring a bream alongside when he was astonished to see a large fish, which he believes was a shark; snatch the hapless bream from his line.

Craig Mensforth with his 20 kg gummy shark.

Bob McPherson reports that Portland is still producing bluefin tuna for offshore anglers, and – as we’ve mentioned previously – you don’t have to travel very far out to be amongst the action.

Although most of the tuna are in the 8 to 12 kg bracket, the big barrels are still there as we saw last Wednesday when Bekim Bojkovic, Senad Cobovic and Armen Molla hit the jackpot with a 109.6 kg bluefin only 10 kilometres out from the Portland Harbour.

On Sunday, Richie Abela, Sam Sanega and Ray Spiteri, were also among the barrels, hooking two in only 40 metres of water, bringing one in that later weighed 98.5 kg, and then dropping another of similar size beside the boat when the hook pulled after one and a half hours.

Looking for a change of pace offshore from Portland, Daniel Stranger, Rod Lawn, Dennis King and Wayne Creswell, anchored up in 50 metres of water, and with a spot of berley over the side, soon had a mixed bag of pinkie Snapper and morwong.

School Shark moved in after that and they managed to boat two, each over the 20 kg mark. They also hooked others that escaped when their nylon monofilament traces were severed.

Recently we’ve see some unusual captures from Port MacDonnell which just over the South Australian Border. First it was a 7 kg Wahoo caught by Michael Irvin, and last week it was a Samson Fish taken by Nick Smith. We have already become used to Dolphin Fish captures in our southern waters from time to time, so who knows what other surprises may be in store?

Bekim Bojkovic, Senad Cobovic and Armen Molla with their 109.6 kg bluefin tuna (Photo Bob McPherson).
Ahmed asks:
Geoff, I went to fish the incoming tide from the Barwon Heads Bridge on Saturday afternoon, but the tide just kept on running out: Could the tide chart be wrong?

Ahmed, the time of low tide at the Barwon Heads is different to low slack water which occurs about two hours later; perhaps later still with the amount of fresh water coming down the river at present.

You may contact me on or send reports to

Richie Abela, Sam Sanega and Ray Spiteri with their 98.5 kg bluefin (Photo Bob McPherson).

Nick Smith with a Samson fish that he caught offshore from Port MacDonnell last week.

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