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canberra, south coast & snowy mtns with rob paxevanos
Rob Paxevanos
Dated: 30 January, 2007
Rob's weekly fishing southern NSW report 0425 written for the week of Wednesday 31/1/2007
Peter Barendrecht with a giant Lake Burley Griffin Cod caught and released on Australia Day!


Long time follower of this column Peter Barendrecht often sends in pics and storys of his fishing exploits but his latest capture is going to be hard to top.

Peter and his wife Anieta put their boat in at Lake Burley Griffin to watch the Red Berets Parachute Team strutting their stuff on Australia Day. They tell me the view from the lake was awesome.

On the way back to the boat ramp the couple decided to troll a few lures and as they passed under the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and they hooked something so strong it could only be a massive Murray Cod.

During the half hour fight an audience of some 50 people gathered on the bridge to watch the fish come aboard, even the lads from the Police Boat came over for a peek.

Peter is well aware how rare these giant fish are; he’s been after one like this for years, so after a few quick pics it was released to the applause of the onlooking crowd. Well done Peter and Anieta; that sure is an Australia Day to remember.


Rodney Stockman from Harrys Bait and Tackle in Batemans Bay is happy to report that his favourite surface lure for whiting, the Storm Hopper Popper, is now back on the shelf after being unavailable in the Australia for around four years.

Rodney has caught countless amounts of bream, flathead and whiting on this lure and attributes its effectiveness to its unique action.

Rodney also mentioned this lure is one of the smallest poppers available and works best on whiting when small subtle flicks are incorporated into a continuous retrieve with no pauses.

Rodney and a few others in the know have been getting good numbers of whiting and bream in several of the south coast estuaries using the poppers and I for one can’t wait to get down there and have some fun, sounds like a hoot!


Meanwhile Terry Obrien from the boatshed at Tuross reports that the flathead fishing is ridiculously easy. Soft plastics fished over the weed beds in 2 top 6 feet of water is the go.


The Bay Marlin, one of the most popular fresh fish shops on the south coast, is no longer on the main drag on Clyde Street, but seafood lovers need not fear as the guys have simply relocated to the inside of Bridge Plaza which is now called Stocklands Mall.

I was relieved to hear this as it means there is still a reliable place left for anglers to get fresh large squid, whole mullet, whole tuna etc for bait. The guys are also happy to supply fish frames etc for berley; all you have to do is ask.

A large Male Orca dorsal fin is one of the most impressive sights in the ocean.

Gary Cairns from Tackle World Canberra was out on the Moruya Plateau marlin fishing when a pod of Killer Whales (Orcas) turned up and put on a magical display.

Gary says the pod of about 20 orcas was made up of large males around the eight meter long mark which were powering around with their massive dorsal fins slicing menacingly through the water. Several of the males had very distinctive markings on their fins.

There were also some playful small calves in the pod with little mini dorsal fins just 350 mm wide.

Best of all though was the display that several of the Orcas put on as they followed the boat around. One seemed to be fascinated by the marlin teaser nosing right up to it and even turning upside down to look at it. This was not a brief display either; it went on for half an hour!

Another Orca sat six feet behind the transom and blew bubbles as it went.

Gary has seen the world famous resident Orcas in Johnson Straight British Colombia and said that the South Coast display was much better; he described it as a million dollar experience.


Steve Williamson reports that the bush fire threats have well and truly passed and clever anglers have had clear skies and excellent trout fishing all to themselves.

Lake Jindabyne is at about 50 percent of capacity and the standout fishing is to be had by anglers downrigging between 35 and 45 feet during the day using small Rapalas and also the larger jointed Rapalas. Some anglers have bagged out in just a few hours.

Fly anglers have been having a good time catching trout on the Thredbo River and the nearby creeks and streams. Hopper patterns are working best, but caddis and mayfly patterns are also good.

See you on the water.

Rob Paxevanos

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