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northern sydney & broken bay with colin buckley
Colin Buckley
Dated: 30 March, 2008

It never fails to surprise me the weird fish that come around my local patch. A report from a Central Coast angler of two Cobia or black kingfish from Little Box Beach over the weekend taken on pilchard baits. Both fish were around the 3kg mark and one was released. I know these smaller fish travel in schools so there will be more in this area.

That lick of cold water mentioned last week still hugging the coast. I can tell its cold as local surfers are wearing full steamers. It’s put a hiatus to close inshore captures but out wider reports are good on the Silver Trevally front as here the temperature goes up a degree or two.

Adding squid skirts to bait proved to be a winner for Gary Wenslow and Chic Henry from Harbord. Trolling garfish they found a patch of big bonito just north of the Queenscliff bommie which jumped on the gars after the teaser was secured. Just goes to show how fussy fish are at times.


If you have blood, tube or beach worms, get down to a local beach and try your luck for Sand Whiting on a rising tide. Best performing tracks are Narrabeen, Mona Vale and Newport.

It pays to learn how to cast long distances when fishing off the stones. Josh Henderson rips his bait out over most of the snags when working the rocks off Curl Curl. Josh has landed Snapper to 4kg, Tailor to 2kg and heaps of Silver Trevally.


An angler commented to me how big the Yellowfin Bream were around Homeport and Bayview Marinas in Pittwater. I agreed, but you just try and catch one! These fish are super smart…that’s why there’re big. The secret is to get out at night with bread or pudding baits round any of the Pittwater jetties and you’ll find these bigger fish are a lot less shy under cover of darkness.


Speaking of bream, Narrabeen Lake is producing some honker specimens right now. Burley with bread and knead bread dough on the hook in a pear shape and you’ll have a potent secret weapon against these strong fighters.

They may be ancient technology but Mr. Twisters are still getting fish off Pipe Clay Point. Working orange double tails, one angler found four flathead that didn’t mind these retro lures.


I spent Easter on New Zealand’s South Island. What a pretty place and the home of some VERY big trout. In the huge Lake Wakatipu at Queenstown, there were brown, brook and Rainbow Trout as well as Atlantic Salmon. I saw some monster fish in the shallows that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end! Have to get back there one day with rod and reel.


When float fishing, constantly change the depth till you find fish. Try the weight down near the hook and then just under the float. It’s surprising what these minor changes can do and might turn an ordinary day into one to brag about.

Colin Buckley Fishnet Pro Angler
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