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ca victoria fishing report with compleat angler
Compleat Angler
Dated: 7 January, 2009
Report supplied by Compleat Angler Orbost

Fish galore, fish are being caught throughout the whole estuary system. Offshore is also firing with good bins of flathead, gurnard, leatherjacket, pinkie Snapper, barracoota, Gummy Shark, mako and Thresher Shark are all having a chew.

Luderick are here and in big schools, Colin Weir bagged out in an hour with many up to 1.43kg, Colin was using sandworm with a running sinker. Chris Nelson from Berwick fishing with his son caught a good bag of bream, son Rhys bagged a beauty measuring 46cm and weighing 1.60kg. Kim and Robin Kellow caught a good mixed bad of bream and Luderick fishing from a platform on the Snowy, all their fish were caught on sandworm. John Alcote and Cocky Bommer managed a good bag of Luderick fishing dawn at lochend.

The surf beaches are producing plenty of action; Peter and Glen Farley have been getting good size gummy, s near Corringle beach. Chris Davis has been doing likewise, using squid legs.

Offshore from Cape Conran is shark alley, all kinds of shark are on the chew.

Report supplied by Compleat Angler Portland

Many of the holidaying anglers and locals have found the fishing over the holiday period quiet, especially those anglers concentrating their efforts on the Lee Breakwater and from small boats in Portland Bay. Cold and cloudy weather with showers and wind have kept the water temperatures down by up to 3 degrees lower than can be expected at this time of the year. I believe this is having a detrimental effect on the fishing in the bay.

Off the Lee Breakwater small catches of Snapper, whiting, calamari squid, salmon and Barracouta have all been caught in the past week. Many of the Snapper have been undersize and anglers are reminded to please carefully return them to the water to grow bigger for next time. It is not unusual for the Lee Breakwater to become less productive at this time of the year but it has the advantage of being easy to access (no walking needed) and if the fish are not co-operating then it is confortable to sit in the car to listen to the cricket or music. Baits worth trying are salted pilchards, squid, fish fillets and pippies.

Boat fishing in Portland Bay at present is quite poor with even small Snapper being difficult to find. They are still being caught but are biting slowly and are moving around on top of hard bottom.
Whiting have been caught in the shallow waters all around the bay from Point Danger to Narrawong. Fishing around weedbeds is the most productive method and the best baits are pippies and strips of squid.
Kingfish have made a slow appearance with a couple caught ten days ago and not much since. While a couple of kingfish have been lost by anglers in the past few days the kingfish are in the area, but they are just not biting. The water temperature is about 17 .5 degrees C.
Barracouta seem to be everywhere at present, in the harbour, off the Lee Breakwater and out in the deeper water off Lawrance Rock. Inshore they are small to medium sized but in the deeper water they are up to 1.2m long.

The deeper water off the southern coastline of Portland is the best place to try for a consistent catch. Boats able to go over to Bridgewater Bay have caught good bags of flathead, butterfly gurnard and the odd Gummy Shark. Boats fishing between Cape Nelson and Lawrance Rock are still catching Snapper and a few morwong.
Many of the boats have been targeting the Mako Sharks that are in the 50m water in the area at present. Some of these sharks are weighing between 50kg and 100kg while others the have been hooks and brought to the boat have been released because the anglers considered them too big to tackle in relation to the size of the boat they were using. When tackling makos discretion is always needed. The makos are following the schools of Barracouta.
While the fishing may be slow you always have a chance of hooking a good fish or shark while fishing at Portland.
Mulloway, kingfish, all sorts of sharks, salmon, Snapper and whiting are being caught by someone at some time through the week. Often good catches are kept quiet by the anglers so the best thing to do is just keep trying and enjoy your time on or beside the water.

The Surry River, at Narrawong, was fishing really well until the river breached the sandbar at the mouth and about 80cm of water flowed to the sea. Since then fishing there has been more difficult.
The Fitzroy, at Tyrendarra, is producing small salmon, mullet and bream for the campers.
The Glenelg has good sized bream being caught and some Mulloway as well but many small bream are making it more difficult to catch the bigger ones.

Blue whales have been sighted off the coast on two occasions recently.

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