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member report, stevo@hamo - fishnet member
Member: stevo@hamo
Location: Whitsunday Islands, QLD
Date Fished: 16 January, 2010
Time Fished: 00:00 - 00:00
Fished From: Boat
Method: Salt Water, Bait Fishing
Action Was: Hot
Report: Went out to a local hot spot a few weeks back about 28 klm off Hamo, I herd storys of blokes getting smashed up on heavy braid and live baits and coming home emty handed. On the way out we stopped at the edward group to catch some live fuseliers and while filling the bait tank I hooked a nice spanish mac @ 12kgs great way to start the day. We then headed out to this local hot spot and after 45 mins I was dropping my 1st bait down in 65mtrs and before hitting the bottum I was smashed by some thing that lasted about 4-5 seconds and 50kg braid snapped, I then grabbed another rig and went down again with the same result only this time it lasted about 2mins, at this stage I was very upset, but man what a buzz. So then out came the tiagra 50s loaded with 90kg braid and 250 lb leaders att to a live bait about the size of a pan sized bream and this time my bait only got down about 60mtrs and the reel was screamin so i pushed the drag to sunset and hung on with every thing I had, after 15 mins we had a spotted cod of around 50lbs at the boat ,sadley these fish had thier eyes popped and thier lungs hanging out and went to the esky, we caught 2 cod, a 80cm Coral Trout and a couple off xos size gt 's, this was some of the best fishing I had done in a very long time and to see a 50kg out fit bent to breaking point and hoping that something didn't give was mind blowing.
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