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member report, captain pugwash - fishnet member
Member: Captain Pugwash
Location: Melville Island (Out to sea), NT
Date Fished: 15 May, 2010
Time Fished: 07:00 - 14:00
Fished From: Boat
Method: Salt Water, Bait Fishing
Action Was: Hot
Report: Returning to Melville Island with my brother and father in law and some apprehension as we had a blast last time. On arrival it was howling 40 knots dead East and pretty rough with wind v tide. We asked to fish on the reefs before the wind got up too much and over 2 short morning sessions we landed 3 Jewfish to 10kgs, 6 reef sharks, 2 Bronze Whaler Sharks, 1 Lemon @ 6-7 foot - couldn't get him in the boat, 3 golden Snapper, 2 Emporer and other random reef fish. When the wind got up we headed for the rivers and creeks and got in to some various fish such as Queenfish, Mangrove Jack, Trevally and of course Barramundi. We got smashed in a hole and over 1.5hrs we boated 26 to 76cm and lost 12-15. All the hooks a re de-barbed as an agreement wtth the trad owners. Anyway, this was just a blast. One moment included 3 casts, 3 fish - BANG! If you can go, just go! Ahoy - Captain Pugwash!
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