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member report, rozza1996 - fishnet member
Member: rozza1996
Location: Snowy River, Orbost, VIC
Date Fished: 10 October, 2011
Time Fished: 13:00 - 17:00
Fished From: Shore/Bank
Method: Fresh Water, Bait Fishing
Action Was: Fast
Report: Had a few hours up at Orbost and decided to fish the Snowy River. Found a nice spot to cast out at the end of the flowing water where the river becomes a lot deeper. Had prawns on which worked brilliantly. The fish would come in bursts, so we would catch about five in 20 minutes and then there would be nothing for a while again. Ended up with nearly a dozen Bream and a couple of Australian Bass as well. All fish were between 25 and 29cm. All fish released.
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