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member report, little raider - fishnet member
Member: Little Raider
Location: Wakool River, Kyalite (Edwards River Kyalite), NSWACT
Date Fished: 29 December, 2011
Time Fished: 07:00 - 22:00
Fished From: Shore/Bank
Method: Fresh Water, Bait Fishing
Action Was: Fast
Report: From the 28th to the 30th I went on a family camping trip and these are the results... Day 1: The first fish of the day was a small yellow belly around 25cm soon followed by 2 similar Silver Perch. I then thought that things were looking up from the lack of carp but was soon disappointed with a 50cm carp loaded with eggs around 5 minutes later. These were followed by carp and Silver Perch from 10cm to 30cm. All of these were caught from late afternoon. Day 2: This day was again full of 10 to 30cm carp with a few Silver Perch all being caught one after another (we were obviously in a hole) with the highlight being a 70cm carp again loaded with eggs. However in the late of the night my rod did slowly go off, then a massive bite which almost put my rod tip to the reel broke my 30lb braided fishing line on a known log with all the fighting characteristics of a huge cod. This cod was then confirmed with family friends at a different site bringing at least 100cm cod to the surface but threw the hook before it could be landed. (They were in shock) Day 3: Not much fishing was done this day but the usual carp was all that was caught. Summary: Bait- The most popular bait was by far shrimp but with the occasional yabbie tail getting the big bite. These two baits were very easy to catch but weren't exactly everywhere. Fish- There are definitely big fish here but the majority are 1-2 years old. The peak time seemed to be from 8 to 10am and 3-6pm.
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