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member report, micksa - fishnet member
Member: MickSA
Location: South Adelaide Beaches & Inshore (Aldinga), SA
Date Fished: 5 February, 2012
Time Fished: 08:00 - 16:00
Fished From: Boat
Method: Salt Water, Bait Fishing
Action Was: Medium
Report: G'day Fishnetters, launched from O'Sullivan's beach and headed 18kms south to aldinga areas. The winds were predicted to reach 25km/h North west around midday raising seas to 1.5 metres. Happy to report the winds never eventuated. First drop we were mainly getting hit by leather jackets and ling. Second drop we picked up Sweep and gars. Haven't eaten a lot of Sweep before so decided to keep a couple and givem a try as wasn't sure what else we were going to get for the day. They were delicious although not much meat on them. The gars we caught were horses around the 36cm mark and were really thick & beefy around the body. The Tommie's were also around. The worst part was we had no intention of targeting surface feeders so did not bring any float gear or gents. I was managing to hook the gars, Tommie rough and Sweep by throwing small pieces of cockle behind the boat and then just dropping my paternoster rig about a metre below the surface and timing the strike LOL. A little later in the day the whiting and Snapper started to bite on the incoming tide and it wasn't long before we had 3 Snapper and a dozen or so whiting. I had a rig down for Gummy Shark but didn't get a touch other than losing squid heads like they were going out of fashion to whatever i don't know. Both my son and i got smoked by a hook up of which we had no idea but that what keeps you in love with this great pastime of ours, the unidentified ones LOL. Finished the day with 14 King George Whiting mostly to a squid bait - 4 Gars - 4 Tommie rough - 3 Snapper around the 40cm mark - 2 good sized Sweep - 2 Leather jackets. Quite a mixed bag eh? We finished the day by dropping the anchor near moana and having a swim which was quite a relief from a very warm day. Until next time, tight lines and good fishing to you all.
Regards, MickSA
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