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member report, stfa_striker - fishnet member
Member: STFA_Striker
Location: Tuross Lake, Tuross Head, NSWACT
Date Fished: 27 October, 2012
Time Fished: 08:00 - 17:00
Fished From: Boat
Method: Salt Water, Lure Fishing
Action Was: Slow
Report: Fishing soft plastics for flatfish. The water was reasonably cold, around 18-22 degrees. Plenty of smaller fish around the 30cm mark. All were found in very shallow water <1m. Variety of soft plastics gained fish 75mm wrigglers in blood worm, silver fox, black and gold both in fish pattern. Some success was had with a couple of flatfish to 60cm, couple of Tailor to similar size and also two larger bream all taken while trolling hardbodied deep divers. Hopefully the action will improve a bit around xmas and i can finally get hold of a metre long job. Catch and release of course.
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