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article: fishing is a little like golf ... by compleat angler
Dated: 25 June, 2010
Article Supplied By Rod's Compleat Angler Wagga

Hey Fishos, even though the native fish are quite in this area there is plenty of action elsewhere.

To be honest I have no idea why some areas are fishing well and others are not, I could come up with a few theories however this will not change the outcome.

The Lachlan from Condobolin to Hillston has a few stretches of water that have been fishing exceptionally well. Even though the river is low it is still accessible.

Walking the bank casting spinner baits or hardbody lures is producing some very good quality Cod.

I have heard of the odd Yellowbelly but the majority of the catch comprises of Murray Cod.

If walking the bank sounds like too much hard work consider a canoe as a fishing platform and a form of transport.

You can cover a huge amount of “skinny” water in a canoe and one of the benefits being if you snag your lure it is very easy to retrieve, which is not always the case if fishing off the bank.

The Lachlan is a slow flowing river with heaps of structure and for this reason the canoe is great for positioning yourself to allow for accurate casting .

Although some fishos are not keen to cast towards snags or structure, we all know this is where the fish love to hide and therefore you are more likely to get a strike. Trolling the longer, deeper pools is also an option.

A Canadian style canoe gives you the opportunity to run an electric motor and in my opinion this is the way to go.

If the owner of a kayak you will have to paddle around or in the case of a hobie, you can peddle, however whatever option you choose you will be in very productive water.

A couple of fishos who put the canoe option to use recently and I might add to great success, were Anthony Curtis of AC Lures and his fishing buddy Anthony Bonacorsi.

A trip to the Lachlan river saw these two fishing nuts land in excess of 40 Cod in a couple of days most of which were caught on Anthony Curtis’s AC Lures. A lot of the Cod were well and truly over the legal size of 60cm.

The best specimen measuring in at 92cm was landed on a 70mm AC Invader and it was hooked after a well placed cast by Anthony Bonacorsi.

You know something, fishing is a little like golf, the more accurate you are the better the score. Not only that to play golf like a pro you need 14 golf clubs, to fish like a pro you need 14 fishing rods or at least that’s what you tell the wife.

Don’t tell her you require 500 lures though as she might just find that a little difficult to believe! Just hide them in the bottom of the tackle box.

Tony Bonacorsi well presented
AC Invader lure was too
difficult or this magnificant
Murray Cod to resist
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