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It’s well known that Fishermen have the odd opinion or two about most things, but when it comes to the best way of cooking up the latest catch then there are no end of possibilities.

That’s why XXXX GOLD has developed Hook 'n' Cook exclusively for the users of Fishnet. If you think you know the best way to get fish from bait to plate, then why not share it with the rest of the Fishnet community?

But we are not just interested in how you cook it, this isn’t a recipe section, we want to know the how you treat the fish from the moment you pull it out of the water to the moment you wash it down with a nice cold XXXX GOLD.

So tell us how you store it, prepare it, cook it and serve it and you could catch one of our great weekly prizes of XXXX GOLD goodies.

Last Round's Winner:  Mouthwatering Baked Salmon

Cook in oven on 200°C for 20-30mins.. Goes good with potatos. Click here to read more

Winning XXXX GOLD Hook 'n' Cook Tip:  dezza1994

Complete Hook 'n' Cook Tips

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Poor man's oyster kilpatrick (by vhunter) [Vote Now!]

Open mussel remove one half of shell debeard mussel cut where it is attached to shell sprinkle some ... Click here to read more

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Jewie steaks in honey and citrus sauce (by swagie) [Vote Now!]

Place large amount of butter (not marg) in deep frying pan Add Tbl spoon of Honey and juice of half ... Click here to read more

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Coral Trout Kiev (by FourReel) [Vote Now!]

Place the fish fillets in an oven proof dish. Make some fresh bread crumbs from day old bread and th... Click here to read more

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Bush style whiting (by bream master 4) [Vote Now!]

Start a fire and then let it reduce down to coles. When ready put wire rack over fire supported by r... Click here to read more

Hook 'n' Cook Archives

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Australian Salmon fillets (by smellyfish) [WINNER]

Frypan on high heat as all fish should be cooked quickly and on high heat. Add a splash of oil to... Click here to read more

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Flathead Risotto (by 9digby) [WINNER]

Cover frame, skin & head with approx 1 litre cold water. Add a small carrot (chopped), some pars... Click here to read more

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Bacon Wrapped Scallops with Mustard Cream Sauce (by AUSTRALIS) [WINNER]

Heat oven to 300. Arrange bacon slices on baking sheet. Bake until pale golden, about 10 minutes. ... Click here to read more

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Hot & Hearty Salmon Balls (by jrstrout) [WINNER]

In a large bowl, place mashed sweet potato, fresh salmon fillet peices, fried garlic/onion mix, carr... Click here to read more

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This comps top entries are:
1. Poor Man's Crayfish (very...
2. Barbeque whiting
Kingy 99
3. Calamari and Pear Salad
4. Sweet and Sour BBQ Trout
5. Crab and chicken pizza
pale ale
6. Australian Salmon baked w...
7. Lazy way to cook Fish
Mark Riches
8. Cooking Trout
9. Barra Crumbed and Chips
10. Barbequed Stuffed Trout

XXXX GOLD in conjunction

Responsible Fishing

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Don’t take the biggest specimens, they are often breeders and should be left to ensure future fish stocks are healthy.
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