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Morris Foam Diver
Terrestrial Freshwater

Hook : Black Magic D4 barb closed for easy release or on a stinger. I just prefer the shorter heavy hook otherwise it can sit a bit high.
Thread : UTC Olive.
Eyes :
None on this pattern but I have used cork board pins through sequins for bulbous sparkling Eyes.
Under Body :
Blue chenille thread.
Over Body :
Blue closed cell foam cut to shape.
Tail :
Olive Marabou or similar soft feather green Christmas decoration for sparkle.

Morris Foam Diver

Tying Instructions
Tying Diagram

Fly Notes
Adapted from a pattern avaioable at
I had used dear hair divers and muddlers to catch bass but found they got heavy with water
probably due to my tying more than the materials also they do not cast as easy as the foam diver. I have caught more bass on this fly than any other.

Fishing Notes
Cast and count slowly to twenty before retrieve. Then a short blooping retrieve or two and another pause. Always remain in contact with the line as a missed strike is damn annoying.
Have caught heaps of bass and two big herring.

Location Notes
Bridge pylons, over hangs, tight up against weed beds and any structures. Usually better in shaded bank sides either morning or after noon.

Prey Notes

It sure is an ugly fly, I guess it must look a bit like a frog but the bass love it.

Trevor Court

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