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This data base of GPS coordinates is an accumulation of fishing locations supplied by Fishinternet Readers. They are either suggested fishing locations, reefs, wrecks and navigation markers.

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Can I Contribute To The GPS Data Base?

Access to the GPS data base has been limited to contributors only. If you would like to contribute to this data base, email your GPS coordinates to the Manager.

When contributing to the GPS Data Base please supply the following information about your location.

  • name of the mark
  • the coordinates
  • the Datum used to derive the mark (i.e. WGS84, WGS66 etc)
  • likely fish catch (if not navigation mark)
  • water depth
  • bottom conditions (i.e sandy, reef etc)
  • physical location (which water - Darwin Harbour, Broken Bay, Murray River etc)
  • closest major town or city
    and any other useful information.
  • All marks in the GPS data base have been supplied by readers and should not be assumed to be correct. Some GPS marks fail to show datum used, tidal cautions & other relevant information. We encourage caution when using any unfamiliar marks.

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